Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In the wild!

On the road again! Our plan was to be driving by Spring, however as you can see by the lovely white covering, we are a bit ahead of schedule! The F100 was able to make it out and about, and we even had time to take some pictures while we waited for one the Midwest's seemingly mile long trains to pass.

One of our first stops? World of Wheels! The Punk Rods did a great job organizing the Motorama 1961 section, and we were in good company with a lot of cool old DRIVABLE hot rods. There was no shortage of muscle cars, and undriven street rods, but come load out time, the real stars were our compatriots in the 'Old School Rods' section. The cacophony of roaring engines, and antique metal were really the stars of the show.

Special thanks to the fella in the bare metal DIESEL hot rod pickup for helping us out with a spare fuse!


Our good friend Justin Tanner came by and freshened up the engine bay, the inner fenders, and the rims. As you can see, it came out amazing! The blue we used was 'Diamond Blue', and was the original color of the truck. Being as how the F100 will probably keep it's patina, the blue is nice throwback to it's birth color.