Monday, January 24, 2011

Smooth it out...

This was the firewall a few weeks ago. It was obviously the biggest clue in determining the Ford's original paint job. Years of neglect had left her dinged and dirtied, but in decent shape. Pat figured that if she was going to carry around her new power plant, why not give the engine bay a fresh coat of paint?

I understand that some people might think that concentrating on an engine bay while the rest of the truck ages less than gracefully, might be a bit like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. We however, politely disagree! So first things first: Getting rid of the holes that no longer contain essential wires and components. Pat filled, sanded, and smoothed out these now superfluous holes and indentations, and then coated the firewall in primer.

Next step: PAINT! The firewall will be restored to it's original 'Diamond Blue' glory of the past. A nice reminder of it's youth, whenever you are staring at it's newly transplanted heart.

Paint pictures to follow SOON!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cool it now...

Partly due to nostalgia, and partly due to delusion, we some how thought we could run the original radiator. The radiator shop was slightly less enthusiastic than we were about using the rusted relic to keep the new engine cool. They were even less enthusiastic about putting a core into a radiator that was eroding before our eyes. Thankfully the internet and our good friend Dan were able to help us procure a new radiator post haste. Pat then did some cutting and adjusting to make room in the engine bay. Hello properly cooled V8, goodbye giant puddles of coolant underneath the truck!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wear us.

Keep your eyes peeled for some stickers and t-shirts designed by the amazing Ryan Robidoux (a.k.a. Evoker). He is an amazing graphic designer, and one hell of a travel companion! (Meaning he can design you a logo equally as well as he can keep you from becoming an ornery truckers girlfriend while in rural Ohio.)

Make sure to check out his blog, for more art and tales of intrigue!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Engine Preview!

Wires tucked, engine mounted, and we're getting closer! Pat connected everything that could be fastened and fired up the 5.3. It idles great, and sounds perfect. Our good friend Anthony in Topeka built an amazing wiring harness, and tuned the computer perfectly. The only problems that needed addressing before the first real drive would be the radiator and shifting. The original radiator was being held together by hopes and dreams at this point, and those just weren't enough! The new radiator is on it's way, so hopefully this weekend, we will be on the road. Shifting is the next step, and that too should be buttoned up by the end of the week.

We already talked in an earlier post about the fuel injection swap, and the implied blasphemy, but at the end of the day, it goes back to what my father said: When my brother chastised him for putting ketchup on a steak (which is gross), he reminded my brother that; 'I bought the steak, I cooked the steak, and I'm going to eat the steak. So I suppose I can put whatever I'd like on it.' Well said Dad!

Belated Birthday!

A few days before Christmas, Pat, the owner and operator of KCAUTOWORX had a birthday. This happened to coincide with a visit from my dad! Pops was happy to meet Pat, and finally see the truck up close. He was even more excited to hear the engine run! The 5.3L V8 started up no problems, and idled like a champ. Pat was even able to drive it out of the garage and back as a little taste of whats to come, and a pretty terrific birthday present!

A few photos from the day:

It looks like Dad approves.

So does Gerry!

Bobby Brake-Bleeder.

Pat works fast.


Happy Belated Birthday Pat Cox!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from KCAUTOWORX! We are starting out the New Year right, by planning the maiden voyage of the F100, and looking forward to some new (old) projects as well.

We have also been doing a little investigating on the life of our ol' truck. Through the magic of the internet, we have been able to decipher that the truck was assembled at the Kansas City Ford plant, and that it started out it's life out light blue.

In fact, the blue was underneath the dark brown in the cab under a layer of old brown paint! This is, of course, the same blue on the firewall, and peeking through the doors. We like the blue so much, we figured we should probably restore at least the interior back to the original color. With a little more time and sanding, we will be blue again in no time.

I also took another picture of the Mustang II front end. You can see the cross member in this photo. Unfortunately, you aren't able to see the boxed frame and ultra clean welds that Pat used to attach it!

More to come!