Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sitting pretty.

While the look of the original flipped leaf springs and straight axle was undeniably cool, for the sake of safety, and my molars, it had to go! Hitting any sort of pothole, bump or good sized rock would bump steer the Ol' F100 as much as a foot to either side, as well as give your skeleton a good rattling! We decided to go with a Mustang II front end from Speedway Motors. It allowed us power steering, disc brakes, and a smooth ride. It also worked well with the engine we were planning of installing, as well as being easy to find parts for should the need arise. Pat cleaned up the frame, welded a new crossmember, and moved the wheelbase slightly. We also opted for a beefier lower control arm to eliminate the need for a strut bar. Running a car style front end meant we needed to change the rim, and we went with a classic steelie. We will have to adjust the front just a little to make up for the loss of weight now that the Y-block is gone, but overall, she is now sitting just right.

Once we get the truck back on the lift, I will take some more pictures of the crossmember and steering rack.

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