Monday, December 20, 2010


When we acquired the F100, it had 'brakes'. In fact, the previous Fella had rerun the brake lines, and got the original drums working as well as original 54 year old drum brakes can work! Being that the F100 will be carrying some precious cargo, and moving at a much faster rate then the original Y-block had intended, we went for the upgrade! The Mustang II front end allowed for disc brakes, and Pat installed a new brake pedal, and all new brake mechanics. A Mustang II master cylinder with boost was also used, as it's set up for disc fronts, and drum rears.

The new brake pedal was outfitted with the original brake's pedal cover to keep the stock look. You can also see in the previous picture the custom transmission cross member Pat built to accommodate both the transmission and the new master cylinder. This allowed us to not cut into the floor as well.

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