Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from KCAUTOWORX! We are starting out the New Year right, by planning the maiden voyage of the F100, and looking forward to some new (old) projects as well.

We have also been doing a little investigating on the life of our ol' truck. Through the magic of the internet, we have been able to decipher that the truck was assembled at the Kansas City Ford plant, and that it started out it's life out light blue.

In fact, the blue was underneath the dark brown in the cab under a layer of old brown paint! This is, of course, the same blue on the firewall, and peeking through the doors. We like the blue so much, we figured we should probably restore at least the interior back to the original color. With a little more time and sanding, we will be blue again in no time.

I also took another picture of the Mustang II front end. You can see the cross member in this photo. Unfortunately, you aren't able to see the boxed frame and ultra clean welds that Pat used to attach it!

More to come!

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