Monday, January 3, 2011

Belated Birthday!

A few days before Christmas, Pat, the owner and operator of KCAUTOWORX had a birthday. This happened to coincide with a visit from my dad! Pops was happy to meet Pat, and finally see the truck up close. He was even more excited to hear the engine run! The 5.3L V8 started up no problems, and idled like a champ. Pat was even able to drive it out of the garage and back as a little taste of whats to come, and a pretty terrific birthday present!

A few photos from the day:

It looks like Dad approves.

So does Gerry!

Bobby Brake-Bleeder.

Pat works fast.


Happy Belated Birthday Pat Cox!

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  1. good to see your dad in this one andy, haven't seen him in like eight years, and he still has that same green jacket.